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Bitcricket IP Calculator 1.1

This is an IP Subnet Calculator for IPv4/v6 which calculates the subnets
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Bitcricket IP Calculator is an IP Subnet Calculator for IPv4/v6, which calculates the subnets. You need to enter the IP address, select the number of subnet bits or the maximum amount of subnets you want, then the host bits number or the number of maximum desired hosts. This input will give you a complete subnets table along with their bit-by-bit addresses. This calculator generates CIDR information (that is, where multiple IP routes can be gathered into routing table entries of a smaller set) in an easy-to-follow visualization.

IP subnet calculator has versions available for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms. This subnet calculator is the first of its kind to give support to Ipv6. IPv6 does not have subnets, but has addresses of different types which have different interpretations. So with this program when you enter an IPv6 address, it will give you a segregation and classification of the same. This calculator shows an ideal way to move from IPv4 to IPv6. Quick classification and dissection is possible because the calculator is able to show you the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses which are locally configured.

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